Retired from public service (30 years as a paramedic), working and traveling, seeing the gifts of this beautiful country. 

  As a child I was constantly being moved from one home to another, always in the mid-west area. I swore that my children would not experience uncertainty about where they would grow up, or what school might be their next port. Just before my youngest graduated from high school, we moved more than 500 miles, and I thought it would be our last. But God had another plan. He knew my longing to travel was always put on the back burner so that my kids had what advantages I could provide. Due to a job loss, and continuing unemployment, my husband and I eventually found ourselves on the road, with him driving a semi while I accompanied him, until one day I ran across an ad in a trucking magazine. In a month we were transformed from a trucking couple to a traveling couple, testing hearing at many different companies. 

   We travel extensively now, and have seen only some of the majesty and beauty of the US. Some places we seen a few times, others a quick once!  We work, sometimes a lot, some times a few hours a week, and try to see a point of interest wherever we are. In every community, in ever county, every state – we have found little animal parks or massive wide open spaces. Colors of rocks that defy description, flora that is rare, exotic, or dense, steep mountain grades to flat high desert scrub – this country is so varied, so different in so many places, it almost boggles my mind. We’re also foodies, so traveling gives us a chance to sample different flavors, different cultures, different rituals that makes our people unique. We’ve eaten with Native Americans, in little soul food restaurants, shared the freshest Pacific seafood, tentatively sipped bubble tea, downed Asian specialties – things I never thought I’d get to try. 

  I hope that as you read this, you get inspiration to see some of this gorgeous country we call the United States of America, and I hope that you’ll come to know not just the beauty that our land has, but also the beauty and diversity that other cultures, ethnicities, and beliefs bring to enrich all of our lives. 

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